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About CHRC

Welcome to Chicago Health and Rehab Clinic

Chicago Health and Rehab Clinic is serving Chicago and Suburbs for 28 years.

We take care of your aches and pains whether it may be from a trauma, injury, day to day activities causing neck, back, knee and shoulder problems.

Your problem may come from an acute injury or just from an arthritic condition. We can always find a reasonable solution to resolve your pain.

We use no Drugs and No Surgery. We utilize Physical Therapy, Exercise, Spinal Manipulation, Acupuncture and Homeopathic ways to improve your conditions.

Our evaluation may include x-rays, CT, MRI and Blood Testing.

  • Experienced Doctors
  • Affordable Treatment
  • Experienced Doctors
  • Affordable Treatment

Why Choose Us

Why should you choose Chicago Health and Rehab Clinic?

1. Experienced Doctors

Our doctors have over 28 years of experience in all areas, including post surgical, accident and fracture rehabilitation, women’s health conditions, sports medicine, spinal rehabilitation, prosthetic training, orthotics and wound care.

2. Exercise and Strengthening are the Keys to Better Results

We believe that exercise and strength are the keys to better physical therapy results. Your treatment plan may include other treatments that will help you heal better and faster, but we put exercise and strengthening at the core of our treatment plans.

3. Personalized Treatment and Exercise Plan

There is only one you! So, we personalize a treatment and exercise program specific to your needs, not a one-size-fits-all program.

4. See your Doctor on Every Visit

Our services and care are unmatched by other clinics. You will be seen by the doctor on each visit. Our approach allows the doctor to closely monitor your progress and make any needed adjustments for a faster and complete rehabilitation.

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